Prospects for the future development of puffed food

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Prospects For The Future Development Of Puffed Food

As an important category of casual snacks, puffed food has always been popular among young consumers. With the continuous expansion of the casual snack market, puffed food still has room for development.


However, the prominent problem that plagues puffed food is food safety, which is also an important reason why many consumers regard it as "junk food". need. In addition, puffed food is also faced with a relatively serious problem of product homogeneity, which is also a challenge to the innovation ability and development potential of enterprises.


Puffed food still has room for development.

Puffed food is made of grains, potatoes, vegetables or beans as the main raw materials, and is made by baking, frying, extrusion and other methods. Common puffed foods include potato chips, popcorn, snow cakes, rice crackers, etc.


Puffed food has always been more popular among young consumers. As a very important category of casual snacks, puffed food accounts for second only to candy and baked cakes. With the continuous expansion of the casual snack market, puffed food still has room for development and development potential in the future, and while the output continues to increase, the market competition will become increasingly fierce.



The demand for healthy puffed food is obvious.

Consumers choose casual snacks not only for taste and texture, but also for health and nutrition. That is to say, if traditional puffed food companies still only put taste first, it is not enough for the moment, and the emergence of emerging brands can illustrate this problem.


The casual snack industry is continuing to grow, and as consumershealth needs escalate, the casual snack market also needs to undergo changes. The future leisure snacks should be safe, healthy and nutritious. On the basis of delicious food, it is also necessary to provide consumers with more burden-free products, which is also the inevitable direction of the development of puffed food.


Break product homogeneity

As the competition in the puffed food market gradually intensifies, the problem of product homogeneity is becoming more and more obvious. The front foot brand has just launched a new puffed food, and the back foot imitator has already appeared, but to some extent, this is also prompting the company to continue to innovate.


First of all, we can innovate from the raw materials, choose healthier ingredients such as chia seeds, quinoa, purple potatoes, taro, etc., first to differentiate and improve the health of the raw materials. For example, Lay's launched purple potato chips, pumpkin chips, deep-sea tuna chips from the food laboratory, rainbow vegetable chips from Crispy Cat, and quinoa protein air chips.


Secondly, we should innovate in terms of technology. Most of the puffed foods on the market use the fried puffing process, which will inevitably lead to the problem of high oil and easy loss of nutrients. Sonya Machinery uses the air puffing technology, while the food laboratory directly uses the zero-oil puffing technology.


The current development trend of casual snacks is health and quality, but there is still consumer demand in the segmented market. Enterprises should not ignore the segmented market when pursuing healthy products. In addition, by choosing safer raw materials and processes, the generation of unsafe factors can be reduced to a certain extent, and at the same time, it can also better help products to transform into health.