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Rice Cracker Production Line

Fortified Rice Making Plant

Rice is one of the common staple food on people's dining table, which contains a lot of protein and a variety of essential trace elements for human body. However, traditional rice processing often leads to the loss of a lot of nutrients in rice, and it has a simple taste. Nutrition rice production line is an innovative application of twin screw extrusion technology. It can also be applied to produce nutritive enriched rice with adding various vitamins and minerals necessary for human health. Nutrition rice production is a prospecting industry with the improvement of people's living standard.





Siemens Beide

Electric Parts

Siemens or Schneider

PLC and Touch Screen



Cover body, mesh belt and parts touching with raw materials or final products are stainless steel

Flow Chart:

Raw material→MixingScrew elevator ExtrudingSievingDryingCooling conveyorFinished product



Productivity: The continuous and automatic processing guarantee its high productivity. Its easy to operate and maintain.

Flexibility: Different size of rice can be produced as we can customize the moulds as per clients’ requirement.

Smart Control System: PLC control ensures optimized processing parameters for each recipe.

Complete production line is with reasonable design and smart control system to ensure high quality production and to reduce labor cost.