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Granola Bar Cutting Machine

The granola bar cutting machine can work together with sugar melting pot, mixer, elevator, automatic sorting packaging machine, flow pack machine to make up the automatic production line. It can also work with chocolate coating machine and cooling tunnel to produce chocolate coating granola bars and energy bars. It is a multi-functional production line which can be applied in production of various candy bars with dried fruit, nuts, dates, chocolate, cereals, puffed rice, puffed muesli, etc. as raw materials.


1. Granola bar cutting machine is of high automation and safe operation.

2. Granola bar cutting machine is characterized by large capacity, simple operation and high efficiency. It is equipped with multi-rollers to make the cereal bar formed with smooth surface, moderate density and smooth, moderate density and uniform thickness.

3. Granola bar cutting machine can be matched with chocolate coating machine to produce different kinds of chocolate coating bars. The cutting finish is perfect due to its air-conditioner refrigeration and separation function. And also, the knives are made of high-strength steel.

4. Granola bar cutting machine is workable for various size which can be adjusted by PLC control.


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