The Puffed Products Enter The "Fast Lane"

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The Puffed Products Enter The "Fast Lane", And The Puffing Equipment Is Optimized And Upgraded To Meet Production Needs

As the demand for puffed products (including puffed food, puffed feed, etc.) continues to expand, it has also brought rare development opportunities to the puffed machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. It is true that the market competition of puffed products is fierce, and the products are becoming more and more homogenized, forcing enterprises to comprehensively upgrade the appearance, taste and taste of the products, and even change to higher-quality puffed products with special formulas. This also prompts puffing machinery manufacturing enterprises to speed up the pace of equipment innovation and upgrading to meet the production needs of puffed products.


From the perspective of the entire food industry, the growth rate of puffed subdivision food is relatively fast. At the same time, the output and total volume of the puffed food industry are also considerable. Data shows that China's annual output of puffed cereals is about 200,000 tons, accounting for a large proportion of snack foods. It is understood that in 2018, the sales scale of China's puffed food market exceeded 19.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 5%. It is expected that in the next five years, the annual growth rate of puffed food can be maintained at around 2.5%.


The increase in market demand has led to the expansion of the production scale of enterprises, and at the same time, the competition has become increasingly fierce, and the products have become more and more homogeneous. It is reported that some companies have comprehensively upgraded the appearance, taste and taste of products, increased the surface area of the products, and met the diverse product needs of consumers. To a certain extent, this is also forcing food puffing machinery and equipment manufacturers to innovate further, and at the same time, it is also testing the innovation ability of enterprises themselves.

Puffed food is a kind of food with certain looseness or crispness, which is produced by physical processing such as extrusion, using cereals, potatoes, nuts seeds, etc. as the main raw materials. In the extrusion process, the application of extrusion extruder is indispensable. Therefore, food puffing machinery and equipment manufacturers innovate and upgrade the twin-screw extruder, find out the balance point of the influence of pressure, temperature parameters and puffing coefficient on the shape and taste of the product, and meet the production requirements of comprehensive upgrade of puffed food.


In recent years, domestic extruded feed has entered the fast lane of development, especially aquatic extruded feed. At the same time, the traditional pellet feed, powder feed, and open feed product types are changing to higher-quality, specially formulated extruded feeds, which has driven the transformation of the entire extruded feed processing industry chain. Undoubtedly, this is also a good development opportunity for feed extruding equipment manufacturers.


It is understood that feed generally includes open extruded material, low starch content extruded material, high oil content extruded material, sinking extruded material and formula feed. However, since the foreign raw materials of puffing materials are mainly soybean meal, flour, fish meal and other raw materials, imported puffing machinery can be adapted. With the increase in domestic demand for high-quality feed and the increase in formula feed, the imported extruding machinery is far from meeting the processing needs of domestic formula feed, and it is easy to cause some nutritional factors in the formula to be lost, melted, and denatured in the equipment.


Today, domestic feed extruding machinery and equipment need to face complex and changeable feed production requirements such as opening, external spraying, flotation, sinking, slow sinking, and large and small particles, especially to reduce the loss of formula feed nutrients. This is challenging for feed extruding equipment. However, the good news is that feed has higher requirements on extruding equipment and process, which has caused many feed extruding machinery enterprises to focus on equipment optimization and process design to meet the complex and changeable feed production.


Sonya Machinery has independently developed a twin-screw feed extruder and a vacuum sprayer, which can fully spray the formula into the feed, and can spray 20%-25% of nutrients outside, reducing the loss of nutrients in the formula feed. The feed has higher nutritional value and meets the nutritional needs of livestock, aquatic products, pets, etc.


It is not difficult to find that both puffed food and puffed feed have been further developed, and the market demand has gradually increased. However, under the new demand conditions, it is difficult for traditional puffing machinery and equipment to meet the production demand. To this end, puffing machinery manufacturers must accelerate the pace of product innovation and upgrading, seize market opportunities, and meet the needs of puffed product production in order to continuously improve their market competitiveness.