Fish Food Machine Production Line

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What are the parts of a dog bite production line?

  The aquatic product/fish/shrimp feed production line is designed to use corn 4,wheat 4,rice flour,soybean meal,fish meal,bone meal, raw materials to make commercial pellet feed,and finally made into different shapes,unique flavors,rich in nutrients,fine texture,wide range For fish,shrimp,pigs,dogs,cats and other aquatic products and pet feed.Fully automatic control and high production efficiency,it is the best choice for large and medium feed mills and farms.The line can also be supplied with different capacities to meet the specific needs of customers.

  Production line process:

  Mixer---Screw conveyor---Double Screw Exturder--Air Conveyor--Dryer--Flavoring System--Cooling Conveyor

  Capacity:120-150kg/h;200-300kg/h;500-600kg/h;800-1000kg/h;2000kg/h;3000kg/h;5000kg/h etc..

  Equipment introduction

  Floating fish feed production line,our machines and systems can produce fish feed with high precision.The size,shape and moisture content of the products meet your requirements.The production line has reasonable equipment design,high degree of automation,precise control of extrusion process parameters and innovative design of temperator,which further improves the curing effect of feed