New extrusion technology for puff snack food

How can we produce breakfast cereals?
More of the maintenance of the puffed food machine?

Extrusion technology is one of the most important and innovated processes in modern food technology nowadays. The process can be applied in a wide variety of food production, like puff snack food, breakfast cereals, corn flakes, soya proteins, soya chucks, bread crumb, artificial rice, nutrition powder, etc..


Puffed snack food are tasty and affordable products and are popular with consumers of all ages. Puffed corn snacks are made with corn grits, rice, wheat or other grains, flavored with cheese, vegetable oil, chili powder, onion or garlic powder as per different recipes.


This production line includes mixing, extruding, drying, seasoning and packaging fully automatically. It is featured of easy operation, extensive materials and various products.