How is core filling puff food processed?

Fortified Artificial Rice FRK Production Line in India
How can we produce breakfast cereals?

1. Salty or sweet jammed puffed snacks are produced by extruder, core filler machine and cutter machine. Rice cracker production line takes corn, rice, wheat, oat and other grains as materials to produce extruded puffed snacks with crispy taste and full shape.

2. The production is designed according to clients’ demands to extrude different shapes, like round, triangle, square, stars, flower, heart, etc.

3. It’s flexible production and can also work with core filling machine to produce jammed rice cracker.

4. It can work fully automatically from mixer, feeding, extruding, conveying, drying, flavoring and packaging. Multi-head vertical packaging machine is also optional for you.

5. The screws are made by alloy steel and special craft with long lifetime. The forced lubrication system also extends the running time of equipment transmission.